Savage E-Liquid is a premium e-liquid company founded in Orange County, California. We began this journey with a desire to help people stop smoking. Using only the best manufacturing practices and U.S.A. made ingredients Savage E-Liquid takes pride in crafting unique, quality flavors at an affordable price. Savage E-Liquid is a lifestyle brand inclusive to all vapers, ex-smokers, and enthusiasts.

We have 60ml bottles for $25.00 3 & 6 nic available. The Smoking Pipeshop is your QC Savage Stop.

A strawberry pound cake that may cause you to throw someone out a second story window.

A blueberry waffle with cream that will roundhouse kick your tastebuds.

An addictive honeydew with passion fruit and pomegranate that will leave you itching for more.

A fruity peach and strawberry mixed up so good you will feel guilty to vape it.

A simple limeade with raspberry that is 99% pure ecstasy.

An addictive honeydew with passion fruit and pomegranate that will leave you itching for more.

There’s a saying in England: Where there is a fruity menthol mix, there is fire!

C. Underwood
Behind every great man there is a woman vaping this sweet pink watermelon candy with notes of razzmatazz.

We started with only bananas that won the heavy weight championship and super slammed them with the richest vanilla ice cream and waffle cone.

Green apple candy with notes of razzmatazz

This flavor doesn’t like to be caged, you need to unleash this coffee cake with strawberries and whipped cream or it gets angry!

This pineapple and strawberry slushy is so delicious the Federal Government is actually looking for it.

Sometimes to stay sane, the only way is to go crazy with this delicious raspberry cookie with hints of sugar and cream.

A sweet blue candy with enough tart razzmatazz to make you want to push someone in front of a train.

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