M-Nail Box uses PID temperature control system which is equipped with heating parts. It supports two temperatures modes, both Celsius and Fahrenheit . High brightness LED digital tube display, humanization operation interface and Infrared remote controller make it easy to use.

Simply snap in the quick-disconnect heater coil and turn on the power switch and the unit will heat up to your pre-programmed temperature.

1.M-nail box specification
  A. Temperature control range:0~1800°F
  B. Digital tube display
  C. Aviation plug
  D. Voltage input:110V~240V
  E. Max power:100W

2.Heating coil specification
  A. Rated power:100W
  B. Rated voltage:110V
  C. Coil:Inside diameter Φ16mm,Φ18mm,Φ20mm, are available


  • New Original design, cool appearance
  • The temperature can be set by dial or remote controller
  • Easy to use and control
  • Both Centigrade and Fahrenheit display are available
  • Different heater coils can work under different voltages input
  • Over-current protection
  • Silicone anti skid pad on the bottom
  • Rugged case to protect unit during transport

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