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Dab rigs are a specific type of water pipe used for smoking oils, extracts, or concentrates. “Dabbing” is the process by which these oils, extracts, or concentrates are smoked through a vapor rig. A dab rig comes with a dome and a glass/titanium/quartz nail.

Dabbing is a simple two step process. The first step to dabbing is to heat the nail with a torch until it is extremely hot. The second and final step is to press the concentrate on to the nail or banger then inhale through the mouthpiece of the rig.

At The Smoking Pipeshop we stock many different sizes and styles of Concentrate Rigs to choose from. We have simple to extravagant & elaborate designs. We also carry replacement 10, 14, and 18mm replacement glass/quartz/titanium nails and bangers.

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