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OG Chillums $7 or 2 for $10 @ The Smoking Pipeshop

A chillum, or chilam, is a straight conical pipe with end-to-end channel, traditionally made of clay and used since at least the eighteenth century by hindu monks, known as sadhus in India. In Rastafari “reasoning sessions” and grounations, the ritual chillum used is made of a cow’s horn or conical wood piece, fitted with a long drawtube giving the smoke time to cool before inhalation.

A bong-like chillum equipped with a water filtration chamber is sometimes referred to as a chalice, based on a quote from the Biblical book of Deuteronomy. Thanks and praises are offered to Jah before smoking the chillum.

We have tons of cool Chillums to choose from. Every style & size you can imagine. We are always getting in new designs. Some artists are sourced locally others nationally.  Chillums start as low as $7 dollars on up based on size and design.

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