We specialize in custom & brand name e-liquid, glass pipes, waterpipes, vape mods, e-juice tanks, rigs, enails, vaporizers, atomizers, chillums, coils, dabbers, screens, and everything in between.

At the Smoking Pipeshop you will find a modest selection of trusted vape hardware. We have a great selection of trusted vaping devices. Every Mod, Tank, and Battery we sell to our customers is put through every day carry testing by staff members and shop friends. Stop by and let our specialists help guide you in the right direction.

Say goodbye to pharmaceuticals and say hello to CBD. Illuminati hemp flower in 1g, 3.5g, 7g, 1500mg tincture, 1000mg isoterps, 1000mg cartridge, Green Roads Products, Gummys, Koi cbd60 500mg, Hemp bomb eliquid 75mg

Veterans, Active Military, First Responders, and Illinois Medical Cannabis Patients receive %10 off your purchases everyday. Mention your savings at checkout.

We have a large selection of glass hand pipes, water pipes, chillums, concentrate rigs, dabbers, caps, quartz nails, steamrollers, bubblers, glass blunts, as well as cleaning/poking supplies.

We have the Quad Cities Finest Kratom at the everyday best price on Green Maeng Da, Red Bali, or White Gold.  Our Kratom is like no other you can find in the QCA. Pure & potent; select your strain, select your size, good to go!

WRAPS, PAPERS, BLUNTS JUICY Doubles, KUSH, Doob tubes, Randy’s, Full RAW selection, Cones, Tips, and Swag glass containers for your roll-a-bles. We also stock Bic Lighters & Herb Grinders.

We also carry personal devices specifically for dry herbs & concentrates from PAX, Pulsar, and YOCAN. We also stock Kiln RA concentrate atomizers. For concentrate enthusiasts we have variable temp eNail/Rig Kits.

We supply a wide range of device coils for as many tanks as possible new or older. We also carry RDA & RTA hardware supplies.

We stock Savage, BAD DRIP, Vapor Lock, Squeezee. We craft Cloudgasm & Apocalyptic E-Liquid featuring Zombie Elixir. We have hundreds of flavors to choose from. House lines can be customized.

Two Convenient Quad Cities Locations.
109 2nd Ave W, Milan IL.

Milan Store Hours:

Tuesday 11AM–6PM
Wednesday 11AM–6PM
Thursday 11AM–8PM
Friday 11AM–8PM
Saturday 11AM–8PM
Sunday 11AM–5PM
Monday 11AM–6PM

Moline Store Hours:

Tuesday 12–7PM
Wednesday 12–7PM
Thursday 12–9PM
Friday 12:08–9PM
Saturday 12–9PM
Sunday 12–5PM
Monday 12–7PM